LookBook~ MOAM For HEMA

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It’s only 17 days till Christmas.. that means a lot of shopping. Gifts, food, all very important, but let’s not forget about the Christmas Outfit. Buying a very chique, sophisticated outfit with corresponding price tag is very tempting, but budget is already pretty tight in december.

That’s where HEMA comes in! We Dutchies know HEMA as the store that sells pretty much everything for a low price. Think: socks, underwear, curtains, bike supplies and Jip & Janneke. But over the last few years they started to walk along the ‘fashionista-path’.

For the second year in a row they have collaborated with MOAM, to make a ‘Christmas-Fashion-line’. 4 talented designers created 14 items that are totally Christmas proof. The line consist of dresses, skirts, suits and a cozy sweater. Also the ‘Rookworst‘ has found its way into the collection; we can all wear a real ‘HEMA Rookworst‘- Christmas-sweater underneath the Tree.

The collection will be available in selected HEMA stores and online at December the 8th. Here is a first peek..