Tip ~ Super Moschino

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Moschino, and therefore Jeremy Scott, is know for their hysterical collections. Road signs, lipstick, construction equipment.. it all appeared on the Moschino shirts, dresses and bags. After Barbie, Moschino collaborated with another childhood hero; Super Mario!

Super Mario is not alone. His friends Luigi, Peach, Toad, Wario and even Bowser join him in this Moschino-adventure. The collection is, ofcourse, called after the Ninento game: Super Moschino. The Super Moschino line holds sweaters, t-shirts, bags and a belt decorated with the super hero’s and (the much wanted) Stars and Coins.

Wanna Shop?!  No Problem, you can buy the items online at the Moschino website. You do have to bring a BIG wallet, prices vary from EUR 149 for a t-shirt to EUR 772 for a leather bag. But considering that these items are  probably going to be collector’s items, buying them is like an investment.. Right?!