Trend ~ Hair Tuck


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Who would have guessed that THE hottest thing right now in fashionland is.. (wait for it..) for free? Oh yes, I am referring to the Hair Tuck. Because tucking in your hair into pretty much whatever you are wearing is the thing to do. Think: IN your turtleneck, IN your blazers, IN your  t-shirt and IN your warm knitted goods.

Showing off your gorgeous long locks is so last season, this winter/spring is all about hiding you hair in your outfit. Because you didn’t put on that beautiful turtleneck to be outshined by your glossy hairdo.

But don’t think you need to wear a scarf or high-collared outfit to pull off this look. On the runways we saw the use of a nice necklace to achieve the same effect. Of course when your hair is long enough you could just stuff it in any outfit you’re wearing.