5 X ~ Stay Positive

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Being positive is not really my strong suit. The glass is half empty if you ask me… Not exactly the way to give positive vibes. Of course I can be positive, but most of the times it’s just easier to see the faulty/darker/bad side of things. That’s why I love tips and trics that can help you come over to the positive side and STAY there. Here are 5 really worth trying..

#1 ~ Watch Your Words
Banish all negative words. Words like; problem, never and impossible do not have a good influence on you as a person. Even when you don’t say them out loud. You limit yourself, even by thinking them. Research showed that by using negative words you prepare yourself for failure, which you are more likely to do in that case. While by using positive words you empower yourself and prepare for victory, sounds a lot better doesn’t it!

#2 ~ YOBFF
Be Your Own BFF. Sounds kind of self-centered, but it actually makes sense. When your BFF pours her heart out, you don’t reply: “Well, it’s your own fault. You should have known better..”  No, you are nice to her, telling her that everything is going to be allright. Then why is it so hard to say those comforting words to yourself? Just lower the bar a little bit, and be nice to YOU.

#3 ~ Be In The Lead
Nobody wants to be a victim. But when it comes to handling life, we somehow end up blaming and taking orders from others. Get out of the “victim-role”! Research showed that feeling like a victim stimulates negative thinking. So instead of accepting the situation, stand up and take charge.

#4 ~ MOVE
Sitting on the sofa is not going to help you this time. Being physically active is a natural antidepressant. So run, ride your bike, do yoga, or walk the dog.. anything better then lying around and feeling sorry for yourself. Afterwards you feel enlighted, you’ll see..

#5 ~ Let It GO
Be like Frozen.. Just let it go..

BONUS ~ Pin Yourself Positive
Number 5 was kinda short, so a little extra tip.. Pinterest is good for pretty much anything, so when you are feeling a little bit negative; search for happy and positive thoughts. A smile is garanteed.