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Inventations are great, dresscodes not so much. Most people have no idea what to wear when a dresscode is mandatory. You could browse the internet and find 1 000 different interpretations of 1 dresscode. But, no panic.. here you find exactly what you should wear. Enjoy! 

Black Tie
Black tie is most often used for (formal) festive events. Men wear a smoking, a la James Bond, and women wear an evening gown with heels.

What to wear to the office? There are a few standard rules, like not too short, too small or too much skin. But every sector has its own perception of what is ‘appropriate’. Classic cardigans, tops, blouses/shirts, trousers, tube skirts, plain dresses and fitted blazers are accepted in most offices.

Keywords with this dresscode are comfortable en sporty. Originally the casual look is made out of clothing used for leisure. There is not really something you are not allowed to wear; that means lot of choice!

Casual Chic
With this dresscode your cloting can be comfortable, but with a chique detail. Options: a sporty shirt on chique trousers or chique trousers paired with sneakers.

The cocktail-dresscode is mostly grafted on women. So get out your most festive dress and put on some killer heels and rock that event! Men can suffice with a dark suit or smoking.

Dresscode Op Vakantie
It takes one to know one, but Dutchies are very recognizable while abroad; shorts and milky-white-legs ring a bell? Most important thing while on vacation is to dress according to the culture and customs of the country.

A wedding, visiting the King/Queen or the horse races? Jacquet is likely to be the dresscode. Jacquet refers to the very specific jacket men have to wear.

The after-18:00-dresscode. There are no fixed instructions for the gala dresscode. The invitation will clearify what is expected.

New York Chic
Everything is OK, on one condition; it has to be by a famous designer. Your bankaccount is not going to love this dresscode.

Smart Casual
This may be one of the most difficult dresscodes of all. It’s not formal but also not informal, so you have to wear something which is elegant, fashionable and appropriate.

Summer Chic
Summer outfit meets glamour. Fabrics such as linnen and cotton are perfect for a Summer Chic-dresscode wedding.

Tenue De Ville
Literally translated this means “clothing of the city”, but you can not wear a sweatpants or anything like that! This dresscode dates back to the time people actually dressed up when they were heading into town.

White Tie
Gala’s, banquets, ceremonies and weddings are known for their White Tie dresscodes. Ladies can go all the way with their very glamourous ambitions and men wear a classic suit.