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The dresscode business is not one you will find on a invitation. But there are a lot of events which call for a business outift, like: working at the office, meetings and annual fairs. Every sector has its own interpretation of what is appropriate to wear, so always check if there are any standards that apply to your situation.

Apart from the standards, there is enough space for a personal touch. Highlight your assets and not the parts you are more insecure about. But make sure your outfit is neat and not too revealing.

There is a distinction between the formal business look and the business casual look.

The formal business look consists of simple cardigans, tops, shirts, suits and cotton pants for men and women’s suits, tube skirts and plain dresses worn with a fitted jacket or blazer for women. Eyecatching prints or mixing of prints is an absolute No-Go.

The business casual look consists of a neat pants worn with a blazer, a tie is optional. Women can wear a neat pants or a skirt with a concealing top or blouse. Colors that work well with this type of dresscode are: red, white, navyblue, beige, pastel and brown.