Casual Chic

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Casual Friday is a well known office-custom. You get to dress a little bit more ‘loose’ than you do at monday, tuesday, wednesday or thursday. The casual chic dresscode is the perfect translation of this phenomenon.

It is the more chic version of the ‘normal’ casual dresscode, created by the new generation of office-residents whom want to be comfortable in their outfit (after all they spend 80% of their time at the office), but love a chic detail.

Men can wear a chic pair of pants with a (sporty) T-shirt or a shirt. But a neat shirt paired with a nice pair of jeans or cotton pants is also on theme.

Women have a bit more items to choose from (as usual..); a neat dress with a sporty jacket or cardigan, a chic pair of pants with a kick-ass blouse or a skirt with a nice top.. And you are ready to go!

Casual Chic Casual chic Men