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The casual dresscode means that you can wear the thing you would wear on your day off. Everything is allowed, but a comfortable and a bit sporty outfit is very much appreciated. Items which scream casual are jeans, cotton pants, linnen skirts, tops, tees and sweaters (all with a funny twist of course). Red, blue, white, brown, beige and pastel are often seen in these kind of outfits. But feel free to experiment with other colors!

A casual menswear look contains a jeans or (chic) cotton pants with a shirt or T-shirt. Wear a sweater over your shirt when the weather isn’t really cooperating. When it’s hot outside linnen trousers are also perfect. Pair with a colbert when it gets a little chilly in the evening.

Ladies should pair a (linnen) skirt or fitted jeans with a tee, blouse, cardigan or sweater. If possible, try to experiment with some ‘funny/crazy’ prints or details, like a statement-sweater or an animal-printed-blouse.

Casual look Casual Man