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Vacation; usually you look forward to it and spend a lot of time searching for the perfect summer outfits. Too bad that Dutch people are very recognizable abroad (or luckily, depends on the way you look at it). Shorts, (too) short summerdresses in various designs, swimwear and flipflops are the first thing that will be packed for a summerly trip. But what is appropriate to wear when you are visiting an other country for a few weeks of relaxation?

First things first, always be respectful towards the norms and values of the country you visit. Usually the locals are used to seeing (way too) white legs and arms but there are (muslim) countries that require these bodyparts covered when walking around. When visiting religious and historical places it is also advised to wear appropriate clothing.

The typical male tourist outfit is swimming trunks worn as normal shorts. Perfect when you walk from the hotel/appartment/camping to the beach and back, but don’t wear them to the city center. For most men it is not easy to find a comfortable pair of shorts. If that’s the case for you, find a pair of swimming trunks in a inconspicious color like black, navy or grey (and without flashy designs). That way you can wear it without someone immediately noticing you are in your swimming gear!

An other typical Dutch (or English) appearance is walking around bare-chested. Only do this at the beach. Please try to follow the local example and clothe yourself!

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